Thursday 6 July 2023

My Position on Baptism

I wrote this in 2007 and my position has not changed. 
As a former Paedobaptist (and an ardent one, too) I believe it was right for me to get baptized - in obedience to the Scriptural command. It took a lot of convincing, though.

The Anabaptists (and that term was used as a convenient label to wrongly lump together all those who were opposed to the RC Church and the Magisterial Reformers) rejected the label of being Re-baptizers. There only is one baptism!

There is no 'one' Paedobaptist view (this is often overlooked), and brethren on both sides of the ecclesiastical fence (let it be kept - but low enough to shake hands) need to remember with Luther that their conscience is bound to the Word of God.
The issue is sensitive and mutual verbal abuse ought to be avoided.

Baptist Churches - if consistent and faithful to Scripture - cannot have an unbaptized membership. Why is it wrong to disobey Christ's command? What is objectionable to following the pattern of the New testament Church?

Paedobapists, if they complain about being excluded (and who does the excluding one may ask?), may be respectfully reminded that men like C H Spurgeon or Lloyd-Jones would not be admitted to the ministry.

I think that disagreement will remain – but let it be in love. In NT times there never was an argument over infant baptism; notice however the issue of 're-baptism' in Acts 19!

I think that as heirs of the Reformation we may – indeed we must - stand together against a common enemy.

Incidentally, I am glad about Calvin's Paedobaptist position – it's stopped me from putting him on a pedestal.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Any questions

I am happy to answer any questions pertaining to the Christian faith. Dieter Schneider

Wednesday 27 April 2011


I am Dieter Schneider, and it is my intention to encourage folks to engage with both penultimate and ultimate issues*.
I am a Christian who stands in the Reformed Baptist tradition (see below), but do believe in the final authority of Scripture as 'the last court of appeal'.
So what do Reformed Baptists believe? See The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.

* The following video lecture by Francis Schaeffer (in 3 parts) is a good starting point: